Ibotta: You earned it!

Since really cleaning up my diet I have been spending more on groceries to ensure that my family has healthy options around so I tried out a few coupon apps to save a few bucks and found Ibotta! It’s basically a reverse coupon process: instead of redeeming right away at the checkout, you buy the product then get cash put right on your card.

Screenshot_2013-09-15-13-57-01First you select the store where you shop, there are so many available including Wal-Mart and who doesn’t have a Wal-Mart near them??  Next look through the products available and select the ones you typically purchase or would like to try. There are obviously groceries to choose from but also household products like Shampoo and Ziplock bags.

Screenshot_2013-09-15-13-56-54After selecting a product, a few options are available through which you receive your reward. When I noticed that you have to do this in order to receive money back I thought to myself “there had to be a catch! I dont want to do this..” but I tried it and it’s really not bad and only takes a few seconds. The options include taking a quick poll, watching a short video, testifying for a product, sharing the product on Facebook or Twitter, or just learning a fact. Pretty easy way to get money if you ask me!

Screenshot_2013-09-16-20-34-52After you finish with the products, go shop! When you come home, go to the app, select the products you bought and scan your receipt with the easy to use built in barcode scanner. Ibotta verifies that you bought the products and will add the redeemed money to your account! It’s also handy that there are checklists for the products that you have money pending on and the ones expiring, yes the offers do expire at a certain date.

Screenshot_2013-09-15-13-57-25When you want to cash out your money, simply connect to or create a Paypal account and the money will go straight to your account! I think it’s kind of a fun way to earn a few extra bucks!


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